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Marcosólido- Strength and confidence!

Founded in 2003, MARCOSÓLIDO, develops its business activity in the general construction, infrastructure, building rehabilitation and public works sectors. With an established and clearly international dimension since its creation, MARCOSÓLIDO has developed projects in many sectors of construction business, since house and residential projects until large and commercial buildings and public sectors such as bridges, schools and sports pavilions potentiating the excellent know-how held by company’s human resources in this sector. The Headquarters Company is in São Lourenço do Douro, Marco de Canaveses (Oporto) and has a HR structure of 90 employees, able to face the growing challenges of the markets in which the Company operates and develops its businesses.
In order to increase its presence in the international markets, it was created in 2004 a Group’s Holding for the Spanish Market. With the creation of this Holding, it was possible to enhance synergies, expertise and innovation in the methods of construction, having developed projects in a very large dimension and in partnership with some of the most important Spanish construction companies.
More recently, in January 2013, the company began its approach to the French market, by inserting in Marcosólido Group, the company JF Constructions France, and also the German market where it was possible to demonstrate the full potential through projects developed in Paris and Stuttgart respectively.

Constantly searching for new markets and projects, MARCOSÓLIDO Group prints a proactive and dynamic approach in order to satisfy the challenges of the markets and business areas in which the Company is envolved.

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Mission / Vision / Values

The MARCOSÓLIDO presents itself as a dynamic company with international dimension with the goal of creation and participation in building projects, with sustainability as a essential issue to provide an high quality service generating added value for all stakeholders.In order to the strategy and the level of engagement of the entire structure of the Company, MARCOSÓLIDO purpose itself:
Excellence and quality of the know-how of the Company to satisfy the purposes of the markets in which we are envolved, through the implementation of sustainable and innovative construction projects, keeping long-term relationships with all our business partners.