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Construction, Infrastructure and Public Works

Since its creation in 2003, this has been always the Core Business of the Group, and the international expansion that has occurred has the valuable contribution of this business area, as well as has decisively contributed to the Turnover of the Group.
As a result of these 12 years of experience, MARCOSÓLIDO has been able to develop many competences within the Construction, participating in much bigger dimension projects, contributing significantly to the growth of their technical know-how and the developmet and increased credibility and visibility of Portugal in the international markets.
In this business area, the Company’s portfolio of pojects is located in Spain, France and Germany.


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Building Rehabilitation

Following the growing necessity in the building rehabilitation and investments made in this business area, resulted a complementarity of skills between this business area and construction. As a result of these synergies, the Group has specialized itself in this by contracting highly qualified HR for the development of projects with a high degree of complexity.
With the quality of the realized projects, MARCOSÓLIDO has been requested to lead a growing number of projects in buildings rehabilitation, giving it an imageof credibility and professionalism.
In this business area, the markets of investment portfolios of the Group are Spain, France and Germany.